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It is incredibly pleasant to understand, you have visited my site.
I apologizes for my English language.

I don't contend , that here there are all only things, invaluable and unique during the nearest millenniums. Simply I hope all, I liked will be interesting for you. Biographies and bibliographies of the best ( to my mind ) authors of fiction Harri Harrison, Roger Zelozhny ( in nearest future ) and Edmond Hamilton, review of their works, and links to full texts ( in Russian, sorry ) , for those who while did not make themselves happy by reading these books . Galleries of famous art-masters of fantasy Boris Vallejo, July Bell and Luis Royo, widely conceived, but not yet realized Tolkien's portal, few real astrofoto and, how I hope, many picture galleries, fantastic and fantasy stories, made by you. May be from here begin you career new Harrison or Vallejo?

10 august add new foto princes of Amber.

Please read my interpretation harrison's Deathworld (while in Russian, sorry)

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My site, as and most of others, there are in permanent development, Therefore some declared sections not yet ready. Sometimes I try to work above promised.
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I express profound gratitude unfamiliar and familiar authors and masters of sites, whose materials I used. Thay all without exception are listed on page "Links". Please visit them. Thay will be happy, and for you, certainly, interestingly.

I wish you pleasant trips on WorldWideWeb and not only.


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